Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Lau's happy gyaru make-up tutorial

Hello everybody^^

This is Lau from Mojito^^ and today I wanna show you my new (eye)make-up tutorial!
I tried to explain the complete make-up but with focus on the eyes!

It's not a make-up for a special Gyaru style. It's based more on a cat's eye style than on a droopy shape!
It's not super heavy but it's not meant to be a natural look either.
Have a look yourself!

This is where I start: no make-up...
The first step. My basic make-up tools!

I just use a tiny little bit of face contouring! Blush is more important to me!!! ^^

2nd step: eye make-up tools.

I often use pink eye shadow because it's cute and not too far away from skin colour which doesn't make it too flashy!

I really recomment the glue that's included in each package of Dolly Wink lashes.

And I really recommend bottom lashes from Dolly Wink! They have super cute designs and are super durable! (I'm using this pair for already 10 months!!!)

last step: eyebrows and lips

That's it!

Well, I think you could go for every look you want with this make-up.
or glamorous...
...or rocking...
I decided for an oldschool amekaji look this time!

So here is a small recap of the eye make up:
I hope you like it or found it useful or at least interesting ^^
bye bye <3

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